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Master The Game: Unleash Your Potential With Power Pong Omega

Train Smarter and Play Harder with Advanced Robotic Features


Strategic Play Development

Customizable drills simulate various game scenarios, helping to develop quick thinking and effective strategies.


Better Spin Adaptation

Ability to practice against different spins improves a player’s ability to read and react to spins during actual gameplay.

Enhanced Timing and Reflexes:

Responding to rapid volleys from the robot helps enhance a player’s reaction times and fine-tune their game pace adjustments.

Improved Stroke Accuracy and Technique

Practicing various strokes (forehand, backhand, serve) repeatedly helps refine technique and increase accuracy.


Enhanced Concentration

The focus required in table tennis helps improve concentration levels, which can be beneficial both on and off the court.


Flexible Practice Sessions

Users can practice at their own pace and schedule, which is particularly beneficial for those with time constraints.


Customizable Settings

The robot’s settings (speed, frequency, spin) can be adjusted to match the user’s skill level and specific training needs.



The Power Pong Omega table tennis robot comes with an Android tablet, and can be controlled remotely via a Bluetooth connection to the Power Pong app.

The Power Pong app can also be downloaded for free onto any Apple or Android device. 

The Power Pong app provides you with a "drag-and-drop" interface for creating your own drills and training exercises. You can also share/swap drills with other Power Pong app users!

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