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Most of it's features and performance is identical to the Power Pong Omega, but it's controlled with a physical control box and not with the app.  

If you're happy to control your table tennis robot using a physical control box (rather than your phone/tablet) then the Power Pong DELTA is a great choice!


    • Physical control box

    • Catch net to recycle balls for continuous play.

    • 40 pre-saved drills

    • Grouping feature to play multiple drills one after the other or randomly. Each drill can start with different serves.

    • Mini remote control to start/stop robot and change ball frequency (the size of a car fob to keep in your pocket while playing)

Power Pong robots come with an excellent warranty and are supported by reliable EU-based technical support service.  

  • The Power Pong Delta has 99 memory slots, and you may save different drill combinations with serves in each memory slot. Each drill may include simple or highly advanced drills with no spin, underspin, sidespin and topspin combinations. In addition to the 99 memory slots, the DELTA also has 10 Cluster memory slots, and able to store and play up to 32 of your saved drills in each cluster. You may play these drills one after the other or randomly creating a real-time game experience. No other control box or touch screen operated robot in the world has this feature. The DELTA is also the only table tennis robot on the market that can generate extreme amount of spin with the control box.


A unique robot design for realistic play

By far the best innovation of the last few years in the area of table tennis ball machines is the affordable three-wheel design robot developed in Hungary. This company is the sole developer and manufacturer of this technology and also makes robots for a well-known table tennis brand. The factory is continuously working on upgrades, and these upgrades will be available to Power Pong models.

Comparing the three-wheel design with the one- or two-wheel designs of other manufacturers, the three-wheel design with its outstanding ball placement system is a superior solution for delivering realistic drills with different types of serves, different amounts of spin and speed combinations than the one- or two-wheel designs made by other companies.

What makes this design exceptional is the leading technology that turns the wheels quickly forward or backward, and increases or decreases the speed of the wheels in order to produce different types and different amounts of spin and speed combinations. It is able to deliver serves with different amounts of underspin, sidespin and topspin one after the other or randomly.

It produces much heavier topspin shots and underspin/sidespin serves than any other design on the market.


  • Up to 8 balls with different types and amounts of spin, speed, trajectory, and placement can be set with each drill.
    • Can produce a no-spin ball.
    • Individual Frequency control
    • Have a random (RND) mode/settings to make ball placement less robotic.
    • 99 Memory slots for saving your favorite drills.
    • 10 cluster memory slots for grouping drills together.
    • Up to 32 saved drills can be placed in each cluster memory slot.
    • Drills in cluster memory could be played one after the other or randomly. Each of these drills can start with a different type of serve.
    • 40 Pre-programmed drills are included and can be changed or adjusted.
    • Comes with a ball recycling net for continuous play.
    • Covered by our three-years parts and labor warranty.


Power Pong Delta vs Omega

  • The Power Pong Delta is very similar to the Power Pong Omega, just without the ability to be controlled by the Power Pong app via Bluetooth technology. If you're happy to control your table tennis robot using a physical control box (rather than your phone/tablet) then the Power Pong Omega is a great choice!
    • It has a lot more memory space for storing drills than the Power Pong Alpha and can also create 8-ball drills. It will also enable you to create clusters of drills so that you can plan out your entire training session.
    • The user-friendly control panel with the touch of a button makes it easy to increase or decrease the amount of speed, spin, and height of each shot and to set up combination drills suitable for both novice and high-level players.

Power Pong Warranty:

Power Pong offers 3 years parts and labor warranty and that includes a quick fix or replace service. In the very rare case when something would go wrong Power Pong will fix or replace your machine and send it back to you within couple of days after receiving it. Warranty does not cover misuse of product.

Parts are guaranteed to be available within 5 years of purchase.


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